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     Michael Ball, My Favorite Singer

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Michael Ball is a Welsh singer who originally made his mark in the musical theatre and now performs in concerts and special appearances. He is famous in the UK and is becoming more well-known in the US and Australia as well as other parts of Europe. He recently toured 5 cities in Australia and played two concerts in Salt Lake City, Utah. He starred in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in the west end and is now in "HaiySpray" at the Shaftsbury in London. Michael also played Reginald Bunthorn in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pateince" with the New York City Opera and received rave reviews. He tours the UK periodically and performs at many summer concerts. He is a very versatile singer as his voice lends itself to ballads, blues, rock and roll, new country, musicals, phone books, etc. His signature song is "Love Changes Everything" from his starring role in Aspects of Love which ran both in the UK and on Broadway. Many US fans know him from PBS where the Andrew Lloyd Weber 50th Birthday Celebration, Les Miserables - Tenth Anniversary Concert as well as other videos that were offered as thank you gifts for pledging. He sings with great depth, power and emotion. He is very  gracious and generous to his fans and is a very happy family man. He has a very large fan base which is growing exponentially all over the world. All his overseas fans hope he will perform more often outside the UK.

He has recorded many CDs and videos and some DVDs most of which are readily available through Discount Music Connection in the UK. Visit their website at Amazon (  or also carries many of Michael CDs and Videos.

The Michael Ball Fan Club originated in 1992 and disseminates information regarding Michael's appearances and discography. It is an excellent website. Please visit the web site for more information about Michael (see below).

Michael Ball co-founded a charity called Research into Ovarian Cancer (ROC) when a close friend died of ovarian cancer at the age of 45. He performed charity concerts and has had the proceeds from some CDs donated to ROC. Many of Michael's fans have contributed as well. ROC has grown from serving the needs of 150 women to over 150,000 women. ROC recently received a very large grant and no longer needs donations which is quite an accomplishment.

To learn more about Michael Ball, please visit the following web sites:

Fan Club:

Official web site:


Other websites:





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