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    Jesse on couch.jpg
Jesse - age 9

             Dogs and Dog Obedience Training

Due to an interest in dogs and my mother's ownership of a wild English Springer Spaniel named Deacon, I joined the Jonnycake Dog Training Club. I trained three dogs, all Springers - Deacon, Dinah and Treika. I became a serious trainer and Treika and I successfully earned her a C.D. - companion dog degree. Treika really enjoyed the training and got along well with other dogs. I met many wonderful dog lovers as well.

Subsequently, I have had 3 Golden Retrievers, Cassie, Jesse and Noah. All of these dogs were and are wonderful. I did not train Cassie in obedience as she was sweet but lazy. I trained Jesse but he couldn't sit still so it was hard for him to complete the exercises.  Noah (born May 4, 2004) was a handful. He enjoyed toys and playing with them all the time. He also enjoyed food all the time. He became ill in June of 2009 and died in March 2010 at the age of 5. He had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and survived a lot longer than expected . It was a a hard time for both of us but he was a very affectionate dog and, as a result, we were able to comfort each other during those 9 months.

 I took some time off from having dogs. I have always had a dog so it was quite a change. In September 2010, I decided I want to save a life and adopted a rescue dog name Skylar who was living in and around a dumpster in Louisiana. She was dumped there but managed to survive. She is about one year old and the sweetest soul I have ever met. Quite amazing given what she has been through. She had heartworm and was extremely emaciated. She survived the heartworm treatment but she had a very hard time. I hope she is heartworm free now. We will know for sure in the spring.  She is doing well now and has enjoyed all the snow we have been having. My veterinarian said that she will probably live to be 15 years old. I hope so. After losing Noah at 5, I will be happy to have a healthy dog for a  long time.


Treika and Dinah portrait

  Treika and Dinah (Photo from painted portrait)


Cassie at Christmas





Noah 11 months

                                                            Noah  - age 11 months





                                                      Skylar - her first week in her new home - very emaciated but about to get better



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