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                                                               Age 17

I was born in Providence, RI. I attended Barrington public schools and graduated from Lincoln School in Providence. I attended Goddard College in Plainfield, VT where I received a degree in Elementary Education and some years later received an M.A. degree in Business concentrating in Management Information Systems. I taught second grade in the Providence Public School system and was a remedial reading teacher. A number of years later, I took classes in computer programming at a RI proprietary school and took a  programming position at the National Marine Fisheries Service where I rose from junior programmer to systems analyst. I helped design and was the primary database programmer, and manager for the MARMAP Information System which contained plankton data. Since plankton is the beginning of the marine food chain, these data were used to monitor, assess and predict fish stocks in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean. This MIS is the largest marine ecosystem database in the workld.  While at NMFS, I received a unit citation for my work on the design of a database for Antarctic data. I left NMFS to begin my own consulting business called Kingston Computer Services where I provided database management support to a variety of companies. Ultimately, I had to close the business due to changes in the computer industry making database programmers obsolete and the need to care for my terminally ill father for the last 3 months of his life..

I took a position with a local Episcopal church where I  reorganized the office and completely computerized all functions. I moved onto working for the Southern Rhode Island Collaborative where I provided clerical support, web site management and was a group purchasing agent for 7 school districts. Currrently, I  work at  APC by Schneider Electric. Originally, it was APC which was a manufacturer best known for its battery backup systems for IT. In early 2007, APC was purchased by a French company, Schneider Electric and is now known as APC by Schneider Electric. At APC, I have been a telemarketer contacting IT professionals,  have processed product returns and interacted with customers regarding claims. Currently, I am providing freight quotes for sales orders up to $250,000 for customers in North America.

My parents were Clayton Koelb and Janice Koelb. My father was a magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College and was senior executive vice president for Amica Mutual Insurance Company where he worked for 42 years and was named to the Board of Directors in 1990.  My mother was a graduate of the Child Education Foundation in New York and was an amazing elementary school teacher at the Gordon school, a private coeducational school.

I have two brothers. Clayton Koelb, jr. is head of the German Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. See He received his BA, (magna cum laude), MA and PhD from Harvard University. He has a daughter, Christina who has has 2 Master's degree's and been a reading teacher, an elementary school principal and now works for the North Carolina Dept. of Education.  She is also working on her PhD. She is married and has 2 children, Dylan and Clare. Clayt's son, Jan currently attends UNC and is a Classiscs scholar  He is married and has a daughter, Aletheia "Ollie". My brother Albert, aka "Buzz",  Koelb lives in Brussels, Belgium where he is managing director of AO International, a company which currently provides computer publishing software in western Europe and Australia. See .He received his BA degree from St John's College in Annapolis, MD. He was in the Army serving a total of 3 years, one of which was in Viet Nam. He has two sons, both of whom received art degrees. His son Tadzio, who also has an MFA, and  Masters in writing  is a painter and writer. See His son, Johan is currently a free lance web designer and videographer. See


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