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American Red Cross

I was a member, secretary and chapter chairman for the Westerly-South Kingstown Chapter of the American Red Cross for 7 years until its dissolution. I worked with Ruth Chase who was the executive director of our chapter and had to wear many hats to handle not only the needs of the communities we served but also the needs of the volunteers and board members. As you know, Red Cross is mandated to provide disaster services and service to military families. Red Cross also runs a variety of courses including CPR, LifeSaving, First Aid as well as many others. Our chapter also had two vehicles which were manned by volunteers who transported people to dialysis treatments or chemotherapy treatments or doctors appointments and whatever else was needed by the community. For our chapter, hurricanes were a major problem as most of our service area included all of the counties with shorelines. I was chapter chairman when hurricane Gloria hit but I ended up being one of the evacuees from an area close to the water and was moved to Tootell Gymnasium at URI. My father joined me as he lived right on the water. I got to see all the volunteers in action and it was terrific. We also held mock disasters to make sure that we could serve all of the community needs during a disaster. I worked with many wonderful and dedicated people. One board member used to visit nursing homes to find out who had a birthday and he would make a birthday cake for them. Some volunteers made up candy dishes for patients in the VA hospital every holiday. It was a joy and a privilege to work with such wonderful people who were so dedicated to helping others.

South County Hospital

I have been a volunteer at South County Hospital for 6 years. I worked in telecommunications and did computer work for the volunteer office. I worked with terrific Auxiliary Presidents as well as many other exceptional people who volunteer their time to make such a difference in the lives of the patients and staff at South County Hospital. I also serve on the South County Hospital Healthcare System Endowment Board. As with many community hospitals, South County Hospital is working hard to meet the needs of the community while keeping costs down. Currently, there are concerns regarding loss of physicians due to high malpractice insurance and low reimbursement for services rendered from health care insurers. Health care is becoming a serious issue in this country as there are over 40 million people without health coverage. Hospitals take up the slack for the uninsured and hospitals are hard pressed to take care of these unfortunate people.

I urge everyone to VOLUNTEER. Giving to your community, to your fellow man is one of the great privileges and greatest gifts that we can give.

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